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Watauga Lake

Mr. D and I like to go on road trips.  As we both had a holiday for July 4th, we wanted to go somewhere nearby and to a place that wouldn’t be very crowded.  As he travels around all over the western part of North Carolina delivering tires, he knows of places I have never heard of.  He kept telling me about Watauga Lake.  Boone, NC is about 45 minutes to an hour away from our home here in Conover.  I have been there many times and it is located in Watauga County so it amazed me that I had never heard of  Watauga Lake.  We decided we would make a visit to Watauga Lake our July road trip.


The lake is located west of Boone and I was really amazed at how beautiful and peaceful it is.  There were boaters around but at the same time there was a lot of peace and quiet.  There are very few restaurants and I only saw one hotel.



The Information below is from the Tennessee Trip Advisor and gives more detailed information about the lake.


Watauga Lake, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest in northeastern Tennessee, enjoys the most stunningly beautiful lake and mountain views in the ‘Volunteer State’. Started in 1942 and finally dammed on the last day of 1948, Watauga Lake is the TVA’s highest-elevated reservoir in Tennessee. Surrounded by densely forested mountains in the “high country”, Watauga Lake sits 1,959 feet above sea level at “full pool” (full summertime elevation). At Watauga Lake, it’s usually a few degrees cooler than similar locations closer to sea level.


Watauga’s surface covers 10.05 square miles of two mostly-rural Tennessee counties: Johnson County and Carter County. Watauga Lake is accessible only by winding mountain roads. The Appalachian Trail crosses the southwestern tip of Watauga Lake. The lake is located south of Mountain City (Tennessee), west of Boone (North Carolina), east of Elizabethton (Tennessee), southeast of Bristol (Tennessee), southwest of Damascus (Virginia), and northeast of Johnson City (Tennessee).

We started our trip in Boone and had to stop at Stick Boys Bakery.  Then we proceeded on to Tennessee and saw the lake from many different angels. We ate lunch at a seafood restaurant overlooking the lake and the food was very good.  We returned how through Banner Elk and past GrandfatherMountain.

We stopped and took pictures of the mountain laurel that are so pretty so I am sharing one of those pictures with you here.


As you can see, we had a very enjoyable road trip.  Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. It looks like a nice place to escape the heat of summer. Enjoyed seeing the photo of the mountain laurel, it grew wild in many parts of New England but I never saw it in bloom.


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