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Charleston Again

I have shared my visits to Charleston, SC with you many times.  Last week, Mr. D and I visited Charleston and I really did not plan to share our visit with you.  However, before I knew what was happening I was taking pictures.  After looking at them, I realized I had to share a few of them with you.

This is a view of the Charles Ravenel Bridge from Charleston Harbor.  The bridge connects Charleston to Mt. Pleasant.


This picture is of the beautiful live oak trees in White Point Garden near the battery in downtown Charleston.


This picture is of Charleston Harbor and the weather was wonderful.  I did not realize how light and fluffy the clouds were until I saw this picture.


There are so many planters with beautiful flowers all over the city.  I especially liked the colorful combination in these boxes and think they look great with the black and white background.


Below is the pineapple fountain and the waterfront park.  Kids enjoy playing in the fountain in the summer time.


This is a picture of Fort Sumter from the harbor.


Below is a picture of St. Michaels in downtown Charleston.  This is where the ladies of the area sell their sweetgrass baskets.


A home near the famous battery.


There is so much pretty iron work in Charleston and I loved this gate.


Charleston is such a beautiful city and the people there are so warm and friendly.  It is definitely one place that Mr. D and I certainly enjoy visiting.  I hope you enjoyed the visit and I was able to capture some of the places that make Charleston so special.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thank you! Always share your visits………..those of us who would love to get there more often really enjoy seeing your delightful photographs.

  2. I’m so glad you took and shared pictures. I have always wanted to go there. So much history that has personally touched my family. One day, MKL and I will make it…love to you, SSS.


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