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The State I Am In – Let There Be Peace

Verse from a favorite song:  Let there Be Peace On Earth

Let there be peace on earth And let it begin with me. Let there be peace on earth The peace that was meant to be. With god as our father Brothers all are we. Let me walk with my brother In perfect harmony. Let peace begin with me Let this be the moment now. With every step I take Let this be my solemn vow. To take each moment And live each moment In peace eternally. Let there be peace on earth And let it begin with me.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I live in North Carolina.  I have shared with you my love for this state many, many times.  I am sure you are also aware of the publicity we have received over the last month or so with the passing of the LBGT 2 bill.  I had to prayerfully consider whether I wanted to address this issue or not.  Today, I am sharing my view of the situation.

First of all, I am 68 years old so you can assume I have old outdated values.  I am a Christian and so you can call me a bigot and just quit reading if you chose to.  However, I would ask that you just read about my viewpoint.

I am so saddened by the negative publicity that has been written about our state.  I know and see many North Carolinians every day and I will tell you we aren’t all racist bigots.  There are some fine people who live in this state and I strive to be like them. I think the most painful part of this is the people who call me a bigot because I believe in Jesus Christ.  If those people only knew that if you are a follower of Jesus Christ you believe that you should love one another.  Yes, that is difficult to do and notice that I did say “Should.”  We don’t always succeed.  I have been a Christian all my life and I can honestly say that I have never heard a Pastor or a church leader state that weI should hate anyone.  I have heard quite the opposite many times and I do believe that I should treat everyone with respect and be tolerant of people who don’t believe as I do.

I will tell you that I have a lesbian co-worker and we are friends.  We have never discussed my religion or her sexual preferences.  The other day when I arrived at work she asked me to pray for a family member that is dealing with a terminal illness.  I told her I would and I will because that is a difficult situation to go through.  In my day care job I take care children of different cultures including Mexican, Asian, and African children.  I don’t treat any of them any differently because of their nationality.  I believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

At the grand old age of 68 I just want to be able to go to the bathroom and have privacy and safety.  I am concerned that a straight male might dress up as a woman and go into a ladies rest room and harm someone.  You do see that I said straight male.  When I make the statement about safety in the bathroom I am in no way singling out transgenders as molesters.  I think there is good and evil in everyone no matter who or what they are.

So today I am sharing with you my sadness and discouragement.  I know that I will get over this but right now I grieve for the upheaval that has erupted in this beautiful state. This too shall pass and I do believe that.  I will continue to make an effort every day to show love, kindness and respect to those I meet.  I do believe when we strive to love others that encourages us.  So I guess my daycare kids will get an extra hug today.

Thanks for letting me share how I feel and I still love this State that I am in.

John 13:34-35 [Full Chapter]

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

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  1. I am so glad you wrote this, SSS. It expresses much of my own feelings. I am saddened for my beloved state, and this bill has had a very direct impact on people I love. The people of North Carolina have not, but the bill itself has. And I am saddened to see lack of understanding and fear guiding the decisions of our politicians. I am glad you are continuing to live your life in love. You are a blessing on this earth and a true Christian.

  2. As another NC native, I am saddened to have people across the world get the wrong idea of the kind of people who grew up in the state. We were raised to be considerate of others who come to visit, to work and to live here as law abiding citizens.


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