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Dunbar Macaroni By Pat Conroy

Last week as I was browsing through The Pat Conroy Cookbook, I saw the recipe for Dunbar Macaroni.  Technically, it is macaroni and cheese with tomatoes.  I do recall eating it at sometime in the past but I don’t remember the occasion.  I can say that it isn’t something that is extremely popular here in Catawba County and I don’t recall eating it when I was growing up in Rockingham.  I do remember that I liked it.

As I read over the recipe, I realized it would be a good choice for Mr. D as we could use the whole wheat macaroni and adding another vegetable would help to balance the carbs of the macaroni.  I did use the San Marzano tomatoes and mine were cubed so I didn’t have to mash them very much as is recommended in the recipe.  By the way, Mr. D and I loved the results and I think it will be a favorite for us in the future.

This is picture of my version of the Macaroni.


Below is the introduction to the recipe as Pat Conroy described it and I have to say I had never heard of Dunbar Macaroni. I have to agree with Julia that the recipe is exceptionally good without the addition of meat.

dunbar macaroni

Below is the recipe from the cookbook:

dunbar macaroni 2

This recipe was easy to make and with Easter arriving shortly I can imagine this as being a wonderful side dish for that special meal.  I do believe the flavor of the san marzano tomatoes made this especially good.

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