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Appetizers for New Years Eve: Sausage Balls, Barbequed Franks, Fruited Cream Cheese Dip

As New Year’s Eve is approaching, I wanted to share three recipes that have been part of our celebrations for years.  The sausage balls are great and I can remember having them even as I was growing up in the sandhills of North Carolina.  By the way, they freeze very well if you want to serve some and save some. The barbequed franks are a family favorite and we have them many times during the winter months.  The fruit dip is a special occasion dip and very easy to make.  The first two recipes are from a brochure of recipes that I collected during the very early years of our marriage.  The fruit dip recipe was clipped from a Southern Living Magazine when readers submitted recipes to the magazine for publication.  That was one of my most favorite parts of the magazine when I started subscribing to it.

sausage balls fruit dip cocktail franks

The currant jelly for the barbequed weiners is sometimes hard to find and you may substitute grape jelly.  I am wishing for you a very prosperous and Happy New Year.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Wishing you all the best in this new year, Southern.


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