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St. Augustine, Florida – The Raintree’s Restaurant’s Fudge Brownie Tart

I don’t blog about Florida very often.  I think it is because I think of the state as being a unique blend of cities and cultures that make up many different traditions. I have visited Florida many times and I know there are many of us that have been fortunate enough to share the Disney World experience with our children when they were growing up.  Along with that, I do remember how much I enjoyed visiting St. Augustine. I enjoyed the historic city and thought it was so beautiful.

When we were visiting Hilton Head Island, South Carolina last month, we browsed through consignment stores.  Even though we didn’t purchase anything spectacular, I purchased four books.  One of the books is Florida’s Historic Restaurants and their recipes by Dawn O’Brien.  Dawn wrote a series of books about restaurants for states in the South in the 80’s.  I have her books for Georgia and Virginia and I was happy to find the book for Florida.

The Raintree Restaurant is still open in St. Augustine and I am sharing Dawn’s description and history of the restaurant along with their recipe for fudge brownie tart.  That recipe looks absolutely luscious and would be a great choice for a special birthday or just about any type of celebration. I love chocolate and this is just chocolate on top of chocolate.  Yum.

st augustines raintree restaurant 1
st augustines raintree restaurant 2

Here is a link to the Raintree Restaurant website.  I do think on a cold January day, I will browse through this cookbook and dream about the warm Florida sun.  Of course, it would even be better if I was sitting on the beach in the warm Florida sun.

Thanks for stopping by.

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