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Dori Sanders – A Summertime Southern Favorite -Fresh Corn and Tomato Stew

dori sanders cookbook

Over the last couple of weeks I have featured a favorite fellow blogger on my blog.  Today, I am going to share one of my favorite Southern cooks and cookbooks.  Last year I found Dori Sanders’ Country Cooking cookbook at our local library and decided I wanted my own personal copy.  Dori grew up on one of the oldest African American-owned farms in South Carolina.  On Summer days Dori is either working on the farm or at the Sanders Farm Stand in Filbert, South Carolina.

As she has written two novels, she tells wonderful stories and shares many experiences of growing up on a farm in the South.  I think I relate so much to her stories because they remind me of my life growing up and the stories my parents or grandmother told us about growing up as farmers.

I am truly amazed at some of the innovations Dori uses and she explains in her introductions how the recipe was created and a lot of it had to do with the food that was available on the farm.

Today I am sharing Dori’s recipe for Fresh Corn and Tomato Stew because it uses so many of the fresh vegetables that are becoming available for us to enjoy.


corn & okra stew 1

Page 2

corn & okra stew 2

Along with the recipes are stories of different events and memories of growing up and one of my favorites was about the wash pot.  I do remember when I was really young that we had a wash pot.  It was only used on rare occasions and then I remember that my Mother used it as a flower-pot and planted flowers in it.  The story of Dori’s wash pot brought back fond memories for me.

wash pot

The farmers not only in the South but all over our country used the ingredients they grew on their farms to feed their families.  I think it is good that we are becoming more conscious of eating fresh products.  I think for people like Dori it has always been a way of life.

So Does That Mean I Am Southern Because I love Dori Sanders, I certainly hope so.   Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Oh…….another dish my Mother used to make!!! You have found so many of my childhood dishes! Delightful! Wonder where all these dishes went and why they are no longer popular? Enjoyed this post.


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