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A Great Sugar Free Valentine Dessert – Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

As it is Valentine’s week, I am going to share a chocolate dessert with you every day.  Some of these desserts will be favorites that I have featured. I may have one or two new ones that I think would be great for that special Valentine’s Day celebration.

I remember my excitement as a little girl when Valentine’s day arrived.  My Daddy always bought my Mother one of the beautifully decorated heart box of chocolates.  My Sister and I usually got smaller boxes of candy but I couldn’t wait to grow up and get one of the prettier Valentine’s heart boxes.  Mr. D has never disappointed me and over the years has presented me with beautiful boxes of candy and maybe sometimes even a bouquet of flowers to go with the candy.  I must have really been good on that Valentine’s day.

This recipe is one that I cut from a newspaper years ago and I have made it for special occasions for my husband and my Mother when she was alive.  Both of them always enjoyed this and looked forward to it.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie


1/2 cup of peanut butter

1 cup of milk  (I use 2%)

1 small package of sugar free instant vanilla pudidng

1 cup sugar free non-dairy whipped topping (I have used the regular topping if I could not find the sugar free as it has a low count as far as sugar is concerned

Place the above mixture into an already prepared 9 inch graham cracker crust (I realize this will not be sugar free but the graham cracker is a good substitute for a diabetic)

Then prepare:

1 small package sugar free chocolate pudding mix per the directions on the box (Note:  The recipe calls for a cooked pudding here)

Cool the pudding and then pour over the peanut butter mixture.  (Note:  Be sure the chocolate pudding is absolutely cool for this step)

Cover the pie with additional non-dairy whipped topping.  Decorate with shaved chocolate and chopped nuts.

I know there are many challenges when preparing desserts for a diabetic and I was so happy when I made this recipe for my family and they enjoyed it and appreciated it so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and thanks for stopping by.

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