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For Winter Blahs – Justin Wilson’s Turnip Au Gratin

We are experiencing cold weather and dreary days here in North Carolina and that just reminds me that January has to be my least favorite month.  Even though I try very hard not to get the winter blahs with cloudy cold days, I have to fight getting the doldrums. I mentioned in my post on Monday that I visited the library over the weekend. I wanted to browse through some cookbooks to see if I could be inspired to prepare food in a different way, especially vegetables. Now don’t get my wrong, I still love the way we prepare our vegetables in the South but I would like to amp up my vegetable preparation to just make them a little tastier. I recently prepared collards and seasoned them with a Harissa Olive Oil and that added a little heat to the dish but we really enjoyed the flavor.

As I browsed through Justin Wilson’s cookbook “Justin Wilson’s Homegrown Louisiana Cookin”,  I saw this recipe for Turnip Au Gratin. It really caught my attention as I love turnips.  That wasn’t always true as my Mother and Grandmother would boil them in water with a bacon grease seasoning until they were mushy.  My Mother-in-law made the best turnips and I really don’t know how she seasoned them but she diced them into real small pieces.  They were always so good and did not have a strong taste. As I read over this recipe,  I think it could really be a main dish with the three types of cheese included in the recipe. I have never heard of turnips prepared this way but it sounds comforting and tasty.


turnip au gratinJustin recommends using large turnips in the recipe but I have always thought that the smaller turnips don’t have such a strong taste to them. My recommendations would be to look for small firm turnips and they are available this time of year.  I really think you could call this surprise casserole and most people would not recognize the turnips as a main ingredient with all the other luscious additions to this.

As I read over Justin’s cookbook, there is one thing that I realize and it is the fact that he enjoyed cooking.  I enjoy cooking too and it helps me to rid myself of the winter blahs. I actually got excited and enthused when I read this and I don’t remember getting so excited over a vegetable in a long time, especially a turnip.  Hope you are having a great January and thanks for stopping by.


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  1. I’ve never had turnips any way but raw and that’s been nigh on 50 years ago. I did used to love Justin ‘ s cooking shows.


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