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An Amish Cookbook, A Tater Tot Casserole and Special Friends

As I celebrated another birthday last week, I was super excited when my daughter sent me an Amish cookbook from Shipshewana, Indiana.  When we visited our family in Indiana this past summer, we visited Shipshewana and I loved the Amish community.  I have enjoyed reading through the cookbook and I think the food seems to be such great comfort food. I also enjoy the cookbook because it includes lots of information about Shipshewana.

I am sharing two versions of a Tater Tot Casserole that is in the cookbook, “A Taste of Shipshewana – A Collection of Local Recipes.  The recipes in the book are submitted by the merchants in the town of Shipshewana.  The second recipe has more detailed instructions and I must say tater tots are a family favorite at our home.  We don’t have them very often so I think this will be a surprise for Mr. D sometime soon. I have heard of hash brown casseroles and I will give Cracker Barrel credit for making that so popular.  Until I read this book, I had never heard of a tater tot Casserole.

tater tot casserole

A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers and I realized we both had October birthdays.  She is much younger than me (In her 20’s) and I suggested that she come over to our house for margaritas and burgers.  We included her co-teacher that is also in her 20’s.  My first thought after inviting them was that they would never come to my house because I am so much older.  They came on Friday night and Mr. D made margaritas and we had burgers with all the fixins.

We laughed our heads off and just had the best time.  I really think it does make you feel younger when you hang out with young people. Here is our picture and is there any doubt that we are enjoying ourselves?

Dianne, Alithia and Miesha

Dianne, Alithia and Miesha

After my rant last week about healthy eating, it was so good to sit down with friends that enjoyed the food and appreciated it.  We told funny stories about each other and our daycare kids and enjoyed our time together.  I think that is what makes our meals so special!

I had a wonderful birthday and so many people made it so special.  Thanks to my family and all my friends that made it so special.  And thanks to you for stopping by.





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  1. First of all Happy Birthday to you!!! What a wonderful party you had with your co-workers.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a great birthday and had many great remembrances from family and friends. My friends and I had a wonderful time together.


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