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Watergate Cake -A Hometown Favorite

On Monday I wrote about returning to my home town of Rockingham, NC for my high school class reunion.  I wanted to write again about my hometown and share some type of dish that would be unique to the town.  I tried to think of a favorite food that we would eat in high school.  Well, just what do you think I came up with?  Pizza, burgers, fries and onion rings were our teenage favorites. So I continued to think of anything that might be a favorite from my childhood.  I started thinking of how excited my Mother would get, if she had a new cake recipe.  She was super excited when she realized she could incorporate a cake mix into a recipe and save time. She would whip up one of the cakes made with Duncan Hines cake mix and other ingredients to make it extra special. I do know it was a tradition for the women my Mother worked with to share recipes and it wasn’t unusual to come home from school and have a new cake or dessert to sample. I think I inherited my “sweet tooth.” thanks to my Mother’s love for baking.

The recipe I am sharing with you today is for Watergate cake from a local church cookbook.  It was created when the Watergate scandal occurred during the Nixon Administration in Washington, DC.  I had already moved away from home but I do remember my Mother and many other people talking about it. I have eaten the cake and I think it is very good.

watergate cake

I do see cake mix incorporated in lots of recipes in my old cookbooks and think incorporating them into a recipe was very creative.  The frosting includes envelopes of dream whip and I think you could substitute cool whip for the dream whip if it is not available in your area. When I was a newlywed, I do remember using cake mix in many of my recipes until I gained enough confidence in my cooking abilities to make a “from scratch” cake.

Below is a picture of Rohanen Middle School in Rockingham, NC. The high school I graduated from has been torn down and the middle school was built on that site.



Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my home town with you.


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