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Lacy’s Special From The Little Tea Shop – Memphis, Tennessee

When we were traveling through Tennessee a couple of weeks ago, I would see signs for Nashville and Memphis and I realized how much I want to visit those wonderful Southern cities.  I visited Nashville a long time ago and visiting Memphis is definitely on my bucket list.  This past weekend, our local library had their book sale and I was very excited about browsing through all of the cookbooks.  They had a wonderful variety including books written by James Beard, Julia Child and Martha Stewart.  However, I was looking for Southern cookbooks and I saw one I absolutely had to have.  It is entitled, “Gracious Goodness The Taste of Memphis and it was created by the Memphis Symphony League.  The book is illustrated beautifully and includes wonderful information about Memphis.

memphis cookbook


As i browsed through the book, I saw several recipes that I want to share with you.  Today, I am sharing a chicken recipe from The Little Tea Shop in downtown Memphis that was opened in 1918 and is still in operation.  I was intrigued by this recipe because it creates only one serving and I think the chicken with the cornsticks and gravy sounds like a wonderful combination. This cookbook was published in 1989 and I do believe the size of the chicken breast in this recipe would be smaller than they are today.

memphis  ckn


The introduction of the cookbooks states, “Join us for a tour of Memphis–inside, outside, and all around–from downtown to mid-town to our east; from the river to the suburbs to the farm.”  That has to be the most beautiful and enticing introduction to a book that I have ever read.  It is just oozing with Southern charm and I look forward to sharing more of the recipes with you on Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping by.

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