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Dori Sanders’s Peppery Milk Gravy

Dori Sanders is a Southern writer from York, South Carolina.  She still lives on the family farm and works with family members planting, harvesting and running the farm where they sell peaches, okra,, crowder peas and other wonderful produce they grow.  When I was browsing through our library the other day, I borrowed Dori’s cookbook and I am enjoying it.  Her collection of recipes are truly southern recipes and bring back so many memories of my experiences growing up in the south.

Here is a picture of the book:
dorrie sanders cookbook


Dori includes a recipe in her cookbook for marinated wild turkey with peppery milk gravy.  Today I am going to share the peppery milk gravy recipe with you and I am sure it could be used with any type of pan drippings. I am not a big fan of gravy but a well seasoned gravy of the right consistency can’t be beat.  As I read Dori’s recipe I thought it looked extremely easy to prepare and reminded me of the way my Mother would make gravy.  My Mother always used water instead of the milk.


pepper gravy

After reading this cookbook, I want to read Dori’s books, Clover and A Place Of Her Own.  In this cookbook, Dori invites us to her family’s farm and offers us delicious country cooking along with her family experiences.  I look forward to sharing more of her recipes with you this week and thanks for stopping by.





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