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A Father’s Day Treat – Pirates House Homemade Ice Cream and Chocolate Upside Down Cake

Sunday is Father’s Day here in the US.  Our celebration will include a berry pie as that is Mr. D’s favorite and I am hoping we will find fresh blackberries tomorrow at the Farmer’s Market.  We will have eggs benedict on Saturday as that is absolutely his favorite breakfast dish.  On Sunday, we will fire up the grill and have steaks.  Yes, he will be preparing the steaks as I can say I honestly don’t know anything about grilling.

As I thought of recipes to share with you, I remembered the homemade vanilla ice cream we had last weekend.  Of course, I used a recipe out of my new Pirates’ House Cookbook. Our grandchildren were here for a visit and we used the larger electric ice cream maker.  The ice cream was absolutely delicious and I don’t see how any Dad would not enjoy it.  I almost skipped over the recipe as it includes raw eggs.  The possibility of salmonella sickness concerned me a lot and I found a link from the FDA on how to cook the eggs with the milk and chill it before including it in the ice cream.  I did that and then mixed all of the ingredients together and made the ice cream.  Here is a link to those instructions:

A great addition to the Father’s Day celebration would be the Chocolate Upside Down Cake that I discovered the other day when I found my upside down Pecan Cake recipe  that I shared on a previous post. I like serving a small portion of cake with the ice cream so the two will compliment each other with their flavors.

Here is a picture of our ice cream.


Here is the recipe for the Pirates’ House Ice Cream and I agree that it has to be some of the best vanilla ice cream I have ever eaten.

pirate house ice cream

Here is the recipe for the chocolate upside down cake and I think it would be a great addition to a special Father’s Day dessert.

chcolate upside down cake

I wish for each and  everyone of you a very Happy Father’s Day and I hope you are able to share the day with your Dad.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. This sounds perfect! Mmmm!


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