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Ham For Easter? Maple Mustard Anyone?

Growing up in the South, I remember the ham my grandmother made for Easter or Christmas. I remember the hams she prepared as having lots more fat on them than the ones purchased today.  That may be the reason I remember them as being tastier too. I don’t think my Mother or Grandmother ever glazed their hams and I honestly believe it was because the ham was so flavorful.

I have been pondering in my mind what I would prepare for our Easter celebration and I am still thinking that I will make homemade chicken and dumplings of some sort. As I was browsing through my A Master Class New England Culinary Institute cookbook, I saw the recipe I am sharing with you today. I absolutely love the flavor of honey mustard dressing and I was completely intrigued with this option.  The recipe calls for maple syrup instead of honey and is super easy to make.  We had a salad over the weekend with grilled chicken and used this mustard on the cooked chicken.  It was very good but it is too tart to use as a salad dressing.  I think you could add some balsamic vinegar and oil to the mustard for a salad dressing.


Here is the maple mustard recipe:

maple mustard

I keep real maple syrup on hand for pancakes or waffles but I used a lower grade of syrup for this recipe with good results.  I can imagine using this for my meat and vegetables on the grill this summer.  I think it would also be a glaze for an Easter ham.

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