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Corned Beef and Cabbage – Savannah Style


As St. Patrick’s Day is just one week away, I have been thinking of corned beef and cabbage.  It has certainly gained popularity in the South and I remember when I was younger I thought the day was only celebrated in New York City or Boston.

hilton head anniversary 2014  dianne 064

It is a fun day to celebrate and because the 17th of March is so close to the first day of Spring, isn’t it wonderful to celebrate something so green?  I am not a big fan of corned beef but Mr. D loves it so we will definitely have the traditional meal for St. Patrick’s Day.  Many people do not realize that the 2nd largest celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is held in Savannah, Georgia.  As I was searching through my cookbooks, I decided to look at recipes shared by Paula Deen and Mrs. Wilkes.  Paula’s recipe serves more people than Mrs. Wilkes but either one seems very tasty and traditional.

Waving Girl - Riverfront

Waving Girl – Riverfront

First of all, here is Mrs. Wilkes recipe from her Famous Recipes cookbook.Mrs. Wilkes Corned Beef and CabbageThe next recipe is Paula Deen’s version from her The Lady and Sons, Too! cookbook.

Paula's corned beef and cabbage

If you aren’t familiar with Paula’s house seasoning, she includes the recipe in this cookbook and it is listed below.  If I was making her recipe, I would just add salt, pepper and garlic powder to my desired taste.Paula's House SeasoningSo on this first day of a new week, it is good to share an Irish tradition with you created by two exceptional Southern cooks.  On St. Patrick’s Day, I am sure I will think of the beautiful city of Savannah and how just being there can make any day extra special.

Riverfront -n Downtown Savannah

Riverfront -n Downtown Savannah

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  1. I can’t imagine that corn beef would be tender in one hour of cooking like in the first recipe.

    • Thanks for mentioning that Karen. I am a rookie as far as preparing Corned Beef and Cabbage is concerned. The only reason I could justify it is because the recipe only calls for one pound of meat. When I purchased my corned beef this week, the recommendation on the package was 50 minutes of baking per pound.

  2. Karen, Thanks so much for that suggestion. I was wondering if my slow cooker would work. I appreciate you so much!!! Dianne


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