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A Deep South Tradition? Mississippi Gumbo Topped With Turnip Salad

When I think of traditions of the Southern states of Louisiana, Alabama or Mississippi, I think of gumbo. I saved a copy of a Local Palate magazine that is published in Charleston, South Carolina and it has two recipes included in it for gumbo.  The one I am sharing with you today includes black eye peas and seafood.  The other recipe in the magazine is very similar to one that I shared with you in January.  Here is a link to that post:          it includes chicken and Andouille sausage. The reason this recipe caught my eye was the turnip salad.  You either love or hate turnips and I absolutely love them.  The idea of making a salad similar to potato salad out of turnips is something I have never heard of but it sounds appealing. I would love to make it and share it with others to see if they could identify the turnips in the dish.

Gumbo with Turnip Salad

My introduction to Cajun cooking was Justin Wilson.  He was from Baton Rouge, LA and had a cooking show on our local PBS channel in the 80’s.  I enjoyed watching him and loved his accent. So this day after Fat Tuesday it is good to share another recipe from the Deep South.


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  1. Wasn’t he the one who wore blue jeans and suspenders? If so, I loved him. My gumbo is on the menu for tomorrow night. I cooked the chicken last night.

  2. I used to think he was funny. I liked the way he said onion. He also would say “I gar-on-tee ” when he would tell you something. He would exaggerate the Cajun accent. I think that was because he did stand up comedy before he started a cooking show.

    I would watch him and the Frugal Gourmet when ever I got a chance. I have never found his cookbook in the thrift stores here. I did pick up 4 different copies of Jeff Smith’s cook books.

    • I agree that his accent was exaggerated because I worked for a national recruiter and would call Baton Rouge quite often. I never heard anyone with Justin’s exaggerated accent. I will add one of his cookbooks to my yard sale treasure hunt list this year. Thanks for the reminder and the comment.


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