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Three Great Cake Choices For Christmas

When I think of traditions in our family for Christmas it would have to include cake.  If I was going to recommend one long standing tradition, it would be coconut cake.  My grandmother and mother made coconut cakes for Christmas every year.  I don’t always make a coconut cake for Christmas but I do think it is a long standing tradition.  The cake is very moist and rich. Below is a link to a previous post when I shared my grandmother’s recipe for coconut cake.  It has to be my all time favorite and as I remember Christmas pasts, it has to be a long standing tradition.

Another favorite in the South is red velvet cake.  I think it is very festive looking with the deep red layers of cake complimented by the white icing.  I do use coconut to garnish my icing on my red velvet cake and I do think it makes it look extra special. I always think this cake tastes good and is sweet with a mellow blending of the cocoa in the cake with the sweet icing.  I am baking a red velvet cake this year and it is definitely a favorite with my family and many other families in the South. Here is a link to my red velvet cake recipe with the traditional icing consisting of butter and sugar.

For our small family, the chocolate pound cake has to be our favorite and I do make one of those every year, especially if my daughter and her family are visiting.  It has always been our families favorite and a true tradition that started with my Mother and is being passed down to my grandchildren.  Here is a link to my chocolate pound cake recipe.

Of course, Southerners love so many different kinds of cake including hummingbird cake, pound cakes and fruit cakes.  But I can honestly say for our family, the red velvet cake, chocolate pound cake and coconut cakes have to be our favorite cake traditions for Christmas. Hope you are able to include one of these cakes in your Christmas celebration.

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  1. I love learning about other people’s food traditions. My mother didn’t enjoy cooking so my food memories from home are limited. I have always like fruitcake as does my husband and that is what I bake for each Christmas. Your cakes all sound delicious…enjoy them and have a wonderful holiday.


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