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Fruit Cake – A True Southern Tradition

I do believe fruit cake is a true Southern tradition.  I know many people have made jokes about how awful fruit cake is.  In my opinion, there is nothing any better than a slice of homemade fruit cake.  I am sure the candied fruit is not a favorite of most people but in the right combination it is delicious.  I remember my Mother buying the fruit during November and my Daddy shelling pecans and walnuts in preparation for the cakes she would bake in December.  No, it isn’t very healthy to eat a fruit cake from the old South but there are other ingredients we use a lot more in December than in other months such as chocolate, butter and cream cheese.

Today, I am sharing recipes for fruit cake by great Southern cooks.  The first recipes are from Betty Feezor’s Volume I Carolina Recipes cookbook and I have made the refrigerator fruit cake recipe before and had good results.  It is best to mix fruit cake with your hands as it is a very dense cake.

betty feezor fruit cake

The second recipe is from Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House cookbook and includes a glaze for the fruitcake.  I have never seen a fruitcake with a glaze but I do know Southern cooks would add brandy to their fruitcake ot keep it moist.  My Mother must have given it an extra shot of brandy because I did not like the flavor of her fruitcake when she did that.

mrs wilkes fruitcake

Last but now least, I am sharing a link to a post I shared earlier and it includes a recipe from my friend Barbara’s Mother, Ruth.  Barbara  made this cake last year and then shared the recipe with me.  I have to say that fruitcake was absolutely delicious.  I encourage you to read this post as it includes a prune cake recipe that was Barbara’s Mother’s and Barbara said it was a family favorite.

As you can see from the above recipes, there are many different ways to prepare fruitcake but I hope it continues to be a Southern tradition.  I do hope over the Christmas season you will have an opportunity to have at least one slice of wonderful Southern fruit cake.  Happy weekend Everyone!!!

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  1. I love homemade fruitcake! Unfortunately it does have a bad reputation but a good fruitcake is, in my opinion, very good. There are certainly many different ways to make it. The recipes in this post are very different from my favorite recipe: my mother’s fruitcake recipe.

  2. Oops, I meant to write “very tasty” rather than “very good”. That sentence doesn’t make much sense. Of course a good fruitcake is good! :)


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