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Being Southern and Ina Garten’s Maple Pecan Pie

As I was compiling my menu for Thanksgiving, I decided I wanted to make a pecan pie.  I searched through my cookbooks and saw so many recipes and just became confused.  Also, I realized I was not sharing one recipe from Ina Garten.  As I thumbed through her new cookbook, Foolproof, I saw her recipe for Maple Pecan Pie.  I thought it looked delicious and easy to make.  I know Ina worked on the recipe until she perfected it and I think it will be a great addition to my Thanksgiving menu. I do plan to use refrigerated pie crust that I have purchased for this recipe.

Here is the recipe from Ina’s new cookbook, Foolproof.

Ina's Pecan PieI chuckled as I read this recipe and saw bourbon included in the ingredients.  I can remember growing up and sometimes there would be whispers about what Mother was adding to her fruitcake and it made me quite curious.  When I would taste her cake I knew there was something in it that was totally foreign to me.  I do believe my tee-totaling Baptist Mother was including brandy or some type of liquor to the cake.  I think that has been a whispered ingredient in the preparation of Southern desserts in the South.

I was so happy to discover this recipe and to be able to use it in my Thanksgiving meal.  I have always said that Ina has some Southern somewhere deep down in her soul and I think this recipe proves it.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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