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Thanksgiving To Do List

Today, I will create my shopping list from the recipes and menu for Thanksgiving Dayand create my shopping list.  I will go shopping on Monday morning for the final ingredients for my meal.

So far here is the progress or the ToDo List:

Hen will be purchased by my husband.  We select the Perdue Farms Oven Stuffer whole fresh hen with pop up timer.  It is so tasty and so easy to prepare. Here is a link to the Perdue website that gives more information about the hen.

Relish Tray can be prepared by my husband on Thanksgiving Morning.  It will include the cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery and cucumber.  I like the idea of having something so colorful on my table.

I will prepare the broccoli salad and the cranberry congealed salad next week along with the deviled eggs and pies. I will prepared the mashed potatoes and dressing on Thanksgiving morning.

There is no prep work involved in serving the pickled beets as the jar just needs to be opened and put into a serving dish.  The wonderful frozen Pillsbury biscuits can be prepared very quickly at the last minute.

I will use the Hanover blue lake canned green beans and I have decided to season them with prosciutto.  I am still considering preparing collards for the meal but I will be able to prepare either or both of these items on Thanksgiving Morning.

I will make gravy on Thanksgiving morning too.  My husband is my appointed sous chef and he will help me with the food preparation.  I will get my tablecloth out and make sure it is pressed and ready to put on the table over the weekend.

All in all, I am getting really excited about Thanksgiving Day and I hope you are too.

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  1. We love to use the Blue Lake green beans but have never consider seasoning with the prosciuto..but will try this year. and I am going to try the Pirate House Candied Yams that you posted earlier….wish me luck! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Belinda those yams are so good and you can make them ahead of time. They just get better and better every day, if they last that long. Proscuito is my favorite new ingredient and I think it would be so good with green beans. Let me know how everything turns out for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I know from seeing all your recipes that you are going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. :)

  3. Your Thanksgiving already sounds lovely. Please be sure and take a picture of your table before ya’ll eat. Yum!!


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