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Thanksgiving Plans and Homestyle Dressing

Today I am sharing with you my plans for Thanksgiving.  As I now have my menu set, over the weekend, I will make my final shopping list.  I use a spreadsheet on my computer to do this and I read that hint in one of Ina Garten’s cookbooks.  I plan to go to the store on Monday morning to buy the things I need.  You don’t have to be a computer whiz to make this list.  I have done this before on a standard size piece of paper.  I list my recipe in a left hand column and then the ingredients in the other columns across the page.  By doing that, I know how much butter, etc I need for my shopping list.  I have also learned that you can always use another pound of butter or another bag of flour and that helps me to not run out of something when I haven’t calculated the amounts exactly as I should.

I am also sharing with you a homestyle dressing recipe that is extremely easy to make.  I have prepared cornbread dressing with sausage many times and my husband and I agreed that it would be good to have a different dressing this year. Here is the recipe for the dressing and here is a link to my previous post that includes cornbread dressing recipes:

herb dressing

Below is a draft of the spread sheet showing how I create my Thanksgiving shopping list. I hope this helps you to plan and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Recipe eggs flour milk nuts pumpkin cream cheese butter

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