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Dumplings For Thanksgiving? Maybe or Maybe Not

Last Saturday we had our annual pot pie meal at St. Peter’s in Conover.  I served drinks with one of my best friends, Brenda.  She kept talking about making dumplings at home.  The dumplings at St. Peters are yeast raised and my friend was making the slick dumplings.  I have blogged before about the slick dumplings.  They are the traditional Southern dumplings that my grandmother and mother would make.  My Grandmother’s was just a little better than my Mother’s. I have never made dumplings from scratch and I thought about trying them for our Thanksgiving meal.  After much thought, I have decided not to try them at this time but have them for a special meal later.

As I was browsing through my recipe books, I saw the recipe for herb dumplings Betty Feezor’s Carolina Recipes Volume I.  I really like the recipe because of the addition of the herbs.  I am not a big fan of the flavor of chicken stock.  I would never say chicken noodle soup is a favorite and it is just a matter of taste. Betty doesn’t add lots of seasoning to the dumplings but she does add a little that makes the dumplings more flavorful as far as taste.  Many of my Southern friends would say this is real chicken and dumplings because Betty adds vegetables to the recipe.


Below I am sharing a link to my post of the traditional slick dumplings and it is from my St. Peter’s Lutheran Church cookbook.  After all of the pondering, I am thinking I would try to make the slick dumplings first as it would be a favorite for my family.

As I continue to prepare my Thanksgiving meal, my next step is to finalize the menu and I plan to do that this weekend.  The first thing I will plan on is dishes that I know my family will want for the occasion. I will then go through my cookbooks for ideas to prepare something new or different from the way I have prepared it in the past.  I think that it causes boredom for a cook when they prepare the same thing the same way for every special occasion. I want to include some traditions of the past with new options.  Being a Southern girl, Yams are a given.  Our family enjoys the Perdue oven roasted chicken and that will be our meat for Thanksgiving.  On Monday, I will share my menu with you and future plans for the big day.

Happy Weekend Everyone!  By the way, we have a road trip planned for tomorrow and I hope to share that with you soon too.

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