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Today I Am Pondering Pies For Thanksgiving

At our house, Thanksgiving is pie time.  We always have cake for Christmas.  Things just sort of evolved that way and I know for sure I will have pumpkin pie for my husband.  He absolutely loves it so it is a given.  We are so thrilled that our family will be with us for Thanksgiving this year.  Another must as far as pie is concerned is chocolate pie.  My daughter and two grandchildren love chocolate so we will have chocolate pie.  My son-in-law is not picky at all and if that is all we had, he would be fine with pumpkin or chocolate pie. However, I want to have three options and I have been thinking about Pecan Pie.  The recipes I am sharing with you today are from Betty Feezor’s Carolina Recipes volume II.  They include four versions of pecan pie on one page.  Pecan pie is relatively easy to make and I do use the refrigerated pie shells which save time

Here is a link to the sugar free pumpkin pie recipe I use for my diabetic husband. Here is a link to my post from last year:.

Here is a link to one of Mrs. Wilkes Chocolate Pie recipes that I have blogged about before.  I am almost certain I will prepare this pie for my chocolate lovers this year.

As I plan my Thanksgiving meal, I always want to get my dessert recipes planned first.  You can prepare most pies the day before and it does keep your oven available for roasting the turkey and baking the dressing.

betty feezor pecan pieWill I make pecan pie for Thanksgiving?  I am not sure whether I will or not.  I will say that when I start preparing my meal, I always go to Betty Freezor, Mrs. Wilkes or Ina Garten.  They have really influenced me so much in preparing special foods for special places and times. I look forward to sharing my Thanksgiving meal preparations with you and if you want to add any comments or suggestions to my post, it would be appreciated!!!

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  1. The Pecan Chip Pie sounds interesting. Have never had nor made that one.

  2. Pecan pie with chocolate chips sounds yummy. But if you go traditional I have a never fail recipe I just posted earlier this week.

  3. I’m pondering everything for Thanksgiving!


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