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On This Choosy Tuesday

Today I feel as if my mind is running in two different directions.  That must mean I should focus on only one thing at a time.  As this is my third year of writing a blog, I like to include new and different experiences. I have decided that I will include my preparation for our Thanksgiving meal with you as I take the steps to prepare it.  Today, I am at the pondering step.  I am pondering the dishes to be included in our meal.  I am sure I will find recipes for different ways of preparing some of our favorites and I will share them with you as I go along.  Today let’s just think about who is eating at our house and the dishes we would like to include for them.

I also chose today to share an experience from my part-time job.  If you are a parent or have ever been a parent or a teacher, you know how discouraged you can become after you tell children over and over how to do things and you think they will never learn.  As a day care teacher’s assistant, I can multiply that thought many times.  There are days where you just wonder, “Will they ever get it?”

Last week late in the afternoon I was caring for eight three and four year olds on the playground.  One of the children’s favorite games is circus clown.  They form a circle and say: ”  I am a circus clown, my name is ding-a-ling, let’s see (one of the children will be named) in the circus ring. When the child’s name is called he will go into the ring and perform. This has always been led by a teacher.  However, last week the children decided to play the game all by themselves.  I was watching from a distance and could not wait to see how that was going to work without an adult leading the group.  To my amazement, they did it perfectly.  A leader was appointed, there were no arguments and they took turns as expected.  It was perfectly done and I chuckled to myself.  It was a great confirmation or me that yes someday they will get it so do not be discouraged.

A happy moment shared by all.

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  1. Now, take those lessons and see in Congress can behave that well!!!


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