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A Very Special Meal – Tagliarelle with Tuffle Butter – Ina Garten Of Course

My husband was away last week for his annual fishing trip to the South Carolina coast.  I was a little envious knowing that he was able to get up every morning and see the wonderful beautiful sea.  By the end of the week, I was missing him terribly and I wanted to make a special meal for him when he returned.  He has been going on this fishing trip for over 10 years so we have learned how to get back into our regular routine quite easily.

As he is at the beach with men only, they eat like men.  There aren’t many vegetables served and there is no concept of whole grain or whole wheat.  When he returns I always make vegetable soup for his homecoming meal.  After his constant man food feast, he isn’t extremely hungry.  He returned on Saturday and I had decided to prepare this special recipe from Ina’s collection for our main Sunday meal.  This is a very special dish for us and I do believe the first time I ever prepared it was for New Year’s Eve.  It was challenging for me at first to get everything organized and prepare this in 15 minutes.  I thought Ina was exaggerating.  However, after preparing it on many occasions, I can prepare it quickly too.

As Ina states in the recipe she keeps the key ingredients in her pantry or freezer.  I buy my truffle butter at Fresh Market and keep it in the freezer for this special meal.  I was not familiar with truffle butter at all until I saw it in so many of Ina’s recipes in her cookbooks.  It adds a wonderful flavor to pasta and is so rich and creamy. The only adjustment I made to the recipe was to substitute whole grain pasta for the tagliarelle pasta. There is such a great blending of flavors accented by the parmesan and chives.  The truffle butter makes this especially creamy.

Here is a picture of Ina’s Cookbook that includes this recipe.

Ina's Back To Basics

Here is the recipe from the above cookbook:

troffle butter pasta

Here is a photo from Ina’s cookbook showing the completed recipe:

truffle butter pasta pic

The amazing thing about using Ina’s recipes is when you see the picture in the book your first reaction is “No Way, I can’t make that.  If you follow Ina’s instruction completely, your results will be just as beautiful and delicious.

This was a great welcome home recipe and I could see by how much my husband was enjoying the recipe, he loved and appreciated it too.  He says, “Thank You Ina” too.

Maybe next year I will send some truffle butter with my husband.  Just kidding but I would love to see the reaction of the fishermen when they see something called truffle butter.

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  1. This is one of my favorite dishes. I use truffle in everything I possibly can. In fact, I just finished truffled eggs for breakfast!


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