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On This Choosy Tuesday

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On this choosy Tuesday, I think of this week as transition week.  Halloween is finally here and at the same time, I am thinking of Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving and think it is unique to have a holiday during the week and then have the weekend to recuperate.  Sadly here in the US shopping has started to become a part of the Holiday.  I do wish we could spend the day enjoying family and friends and not think so much of black Friday. Still this week is a transitional week for me as I will put away my jack-o-lanterns and decorate my house with my pilgrims.

Today, I am choosing to think of the above transition but also another word that seems to dominate conversations and that word is healthy.  First of all, let me say, my husband is a type 2 diabetic so healthy has been a very important word for us for about 15 years.  I try to incorporate food into our meals that will help my husband control his blood sugar.  However, I am thinking of removing the word healthy from my vocabulary.

I subscribe to fellow bloggers sites and enjoy reading the healthy recipes that you incorporate into your blogs.  I have gotten great tips from many of you on ways that I can incorporate whole grains, fruits and vegetables into our diet. My reason for this post is to share events that have happened over the last few weeks that have helped me to reach this decision.

The first event was a covered dish meal that I was sharing with long lost friends.  I was so super excited about catching up with friends that I had not seen in a long time.  As we sat down to eat, everyone’s plate was reviewed and a couple of people at the table starting evaluating how unhealthy all the food was.  I tried to take the conversation in another direction but as we selected desserts, you guessed it.  The desserts were evaluated too.  I left the event very sad and disappointed because I had looked forward to visiting with friends.

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The second event was when my husband and I changed fitness centers.  According to the counselors at the gym, we are in good health for our age.  My husband is 65 and I am 66.  We got a good report from them on our physical activity.  I still think of the surprised look of the counselor when I told her I love the elliptical machine.  We work out two times a week and will probably work out three times a week during the winter months.

The third event was my annual checkup at my doctor’s office.  I have good cholesterol reading, good blood pressure readings and my blood work came back positive.  As I was talking to my doctor, I told her I wanted to get healthy.  She looked at me with a very surprised look.  Afterwards, I thought about the situation and decided I must already be healthy.  Adding to that is my annual appointment with my cardiologist for a checkup and he has deemed me healthy also.

That doesn’t mean I am perfect and in fact I could stand to lose a few pounds. However, I think we can get so caught up on healthy that we can stop enjoying the wonderful experience of sharing meals and memories with friends and family.

At first, I thought I would write a post about Thanksgiving and actually I did.  I believe in the balance of eating healthy but enjoying special occasions without guilt.  As Thanksgiving approaches, I plan to balance my meals and eat in a way that will be beneficial for my husband and I. That has been my approach since my husband’s diagnosis of diabetes and it seems to be working.  I hope you will be able to have a special meal that day with friends and family and create some wonderful memories too.

So I think maybe I just need to change up my vocabulary a little and say, “I am Healthy.”  That goes along with you are what you eat, I think.  Maybe in my own super sweet Southern way, I need to express to people that, Well, Yes Maam, and by the way, “I am healthy.”

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  1. You are healthy and I find that most people who sit and critique food are those that run back to their cars and eat a bag of potato chips on the way home. Stick with it…….you are great!


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