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Dried Apple Cake – A Vintage Recipe

As I started writing this blog a few years ago, I realized I should have kept more of my Mother’s recipes.  One recipe that has been in the back of my mind for a long time was her Applesauce Cake.  When I think about that cake, I do believe that was the wrong name for it.  Every fall, I scan my recipe books for an apple cake made with Dried Apples.  I do remember the dried apples as being a key ingredient in my Mother’s cake and not applesauce.

She would prepare the cake for Christmas but my Mother loved to bake and she would make fruit cake, red velvet cake, coconut cake, chocolate cake and the dried apple cake.  When you have all of the other luscious options I am afraid the apple cake was the one that was consumed last.  I do remember it as being a very dense cake and very tasty with the blend of the spices and nuts.  I had just about given up on finding her recipe until the other day.  I was actually searching for another recipe and saw the dried apple cake recipe in what has to be my oldest cookbook.  Here is a picture of the book:

old Va Cookbook

There is no publication date on the book and I have made several inquiries about the book.  However, no one has responded to me about the date of publication. With or without the date, I am glad I found the dried apple cake recipe because it is so similar to my Mothers recipe.  It would be a great cake for Thanksgiving and could be prepared ahead of time.  The recipe suggests that you bake the cake in layers but I do remember my Mother making it in a tube pan.

Mother's Applesauce Cake

Of course, one of the most wonderful memories of this cake was the wonderful apple spice smell that filled our kitchen.  I hope you enjoy this and have a wonderful fall weekend!

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  1. I love old cookbooks and have a number written by societies, many in aid of charitable organizations. They are great fun to look through. Love the recipe – never thought to make applesauce from dried apples. Great idea.


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