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An Ina Garten Recipe – Straw and Hay with Gorgonzola

I know this recipe doesn’t sound very southern.  However, it does show the diversity of food that is served today in the South.  I will go back to my roots and feature recipes of the old South in future posts.  I love Ina Garten and her cookbooks are just the best.  Yesterday, in my post, I shared with you receiving my copy of her latest cookbook, Foolproof.  I prepared this recipe for my husband on Saturday night.  Even though it isn’t very Southern, I do think the title of the recipe sounds like a recipe served in the Fall.  It was easy to make and I have learned from preparing her dishes before to always measure all of the ingredients and chopping the onions or crumbling the cheese before I start preparation.  It will save you lots of frustrations.

The dish has such a smooth creamy texture and a wonderful blend of flavors.  The prosiutto is so flavorful, the peas add crunch and the cheese makes everything blend together in such a wonderful creamy combination.

Straw and Hay Recipe Page 1

Straw and Hay Recipe Page 1

I am posting this directly from Ina’s Foolproof book.  The following is page two of the recipe.

Straw & Hay Recipe  Page 2

Straw & Hay Recipe Page 2

I know the quality of the above pictures may not be the best but I just wanted to show you how beautifully Ina’s cookbooks are illustrated and how complete and easy her recipes are.  I have read many of her recipes and said, no way could I do that.  I have then challenged myself to give it a try and the dishes turned out beautifully.

Below I am sharing a picture of my dish after I prepared it. I did not use the same pasta Ina used but I think all in all it looks tasty.  Trust me, it was very tasty.

oatmeal apple butter brownies 003

On Ina’s shows her husband Jeffrey will walk into the kitchen and say, “something smells wonderful.”  My husband walked into the kitchen on Saturday and those were his exact words.  I guess if I can pretend I am Ina, it is okay for him to pretend he is Jeffrey.

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  1. sugarbeechronicles

    Looks so good……..inspiration for this weekend, and since I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow. . . . ;-)

  2. Neighbor Barbara

    Yum, your husband is a lucky man because he gets to sample a variety of foods as you search for new recipes to share!

    I think this recipe is fine for showing that southerners are anxious to try new dishes. I remember my mother getting together regularly with her sisters to share new recipes. She would return home and try them out…some she would continue to serve and others would be a one time thing.

    Pasta and cheese are always a great way to begin. I certainly want to try this recipe and maybe get a look at Ina’s cookbook for ideas of my own.

    My husband reads these recipes and I don’t want him to feel he missed out on a special dish like this.


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