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Susie’s Cookbook and Barbecued Meatballs

Today, I am sharing Susie’s Dinner Bell Cookbook again.  I loved thumbing through this cookbook because it brings back memories of recipes I remember from my early years. Below is the acknowledgements page from Susie’s Cookbook that will give you insight into how and why this cookbook was created.  Susie was born in 1895 and that means she was in the same age group as my grandmother.

susie's comments

I love the recipe for barbecued meatballs that I am sharing with you today.  I remember them as being all the rage when I was a teenager; however, my mother never prepared them as my Daddy was a straight meat and potatoes man and would not eat casseroles, spaghetti, etc.  I think that is probably the main reason she never prepared them.  I do remember them being served at various special occasions and lots of people adapted the recipe to their slow cookers instead of baking them in the oven. There was a cheese soufflé recipe at the bottom of the page and I wanted to share it with you too.

I know there are so many different aromas of the fall season but being a Southern girl, one of my favorites is the aroma of barbecue. The fragrance of the meat being roasted over an open fire just tells me that Fall has arrived.

barbecued meatballsThis cookbook was published when Susie was 96 years old.  Maybe Susie could be considered the first Southern food blogger before the computer became a part of our lives.

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