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Fried Okra – A Homemade Disaster

I want to share my disastrous attempt to fry okra.  As I posted earlier in the week, I prepared country style steak for lunch on Sunday.  I decided that I should try to fry okra at the same time. I clipped a recipe from Our State Magazine last year for Black Skillet Okra.  The recipe did not have lots of breading and it could be prepared in an iron skillet on the stovetop.

The two things that I did not achieve was first of all, getting my cooking oil to the right temperature.  Second, my flour/corn meal mixture would not adhere to the okra.  The result of my efforts was okra that was soggy, unbreaded and not crisp at all.  It did discourage me a little but I think I will continue to try to fry okra. We do have a small deep fat fryer that I might try to use the next time.  We gave our electric frying pan away several years ago and I do miss it on occasion.

I want to share the recipe with you because I do think it is a good recipe and this was totally operator error. As I have been reading recipes about okra, if you have never cooked it, it can become slimy when boiled.  The best thing to do is buy the small pods of okra and remove the stem.  Then slice the pods into bite size pieces.

black skillet okra

I also found the recipe below for oven baked okra and I thought it would be fun to give it a try.  There is okra still available here and I will continue to believe as a true Southern Girl that I can fry okra. I  can say very positively that I was very happy with how uniform my okra was as I cut it into slices.  I have really been working hard on my knife skills

oven baked okra

By the way, I blogged about okra earlier in the summer and here is a link to that post.

As you read this, if you have any ideas, recipes or hints that would help me in the future, I would appreciate it.  We do eat the frozen okra in the winter that you purchase in the supermarket; however, I like okra that doesn’t have so much breading.

Happy First Friday of September everyone.  By the way, next week, I will be sharing apple recipes and pictures from my recent visit to an apple orchard.

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  1. You made me laugh! I have done the same myself from time to time and there is nothing more ugly and hideous that bad fried okra! But once it comes out right it is worth all the trial and error.


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