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Persimmon Pudding – A Favorite Here!!

On July 8 of 2011, I shared a blog post about persimmon pudding.  I told of a new minister arriving in the area.  He was asked by some of the women of the church if he liked Persimmon Pudding.  He was from Virginia and had never heard of it but to win favor he said he loved it.  He was blessed with many pans of persimmon pudding and quickly realized he did not like it.  His wife did not acquire a taste for it either and so their lie just continued to grow.  I can relate to them because I do not like the taste of persimmon pudding either.  However, as the persimmon should be harvested soon, here in my part of the state of NC, persimmon puddings will be abundant at so many different places. If you aren’t familiar with the fruit, it grows on a tree similar to a plum, however, it can be a very bitter fruit.

When I wrote the blog post in 2011, I did not share a persimmon pudding recipe, however, I am sharing two variations of the recipe with you today. Both of the recipes are from my St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Conover, NC cookbook.  I have to admit that the first one does appeal to me a little as it has coconut and sweet potato in it.  The second one seems to be the standard type recipe that I have seen at celebrations in the past.

persimmon pudding

As I am writing this post, I am wondering if persimmon pudding is a tradition in other parts of the South or just here in the western part of North Carolina?  I do not remember it from my childhood in the sandhills of North Carolina.  Does anyone know?

I do get strange looks when I tell people that I don’t like persimmon pudding.  However, I will continue to be honest so the dish will not be left on my doorstep in the middle of the night.

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  1. This is interesting, I’ve never done (or even eaten) anything with persimmons. I wouldn’t know how to treat the fruit at all! Living in DC, which is sorta southern, I don’t see anything with those flavor combos around here.

    • Thank you for your comment Erin. A persimmon is so bitter it honestly makes me feel as if my mouth is turning inside out. Here is a link to a persimmon festival in Indiana of all places. I do plan to continue to research my southern cookbooks to see if persimmon puddings are included. I do hear cooks that make persimmon pudding talk about how the trees are dying and they are afraid the tradition will go away. By the way, I love your comment that DC is sorta southern. I appreciate that!


  2. We LOVE persimmons and we love to hear about ministers that get caught in their lies so this post was perfect.


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