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Poogan’s Porch – Charleston, SC – Yes, I Have Eaten There

When I started my blog several years ago, I wanted it to be more than just a cooking blog.  I wanted to share special, places, people and, of course, food of the South.  As I started to write my blog, I quickly realized by the response of my readers, that my food experiences was the most read posts on my blog.  I decided to incorporate experiences, places, people and traditions of the South into my blog posts that did mostly include food.

Today I am sharing with you a book I discovered at the library a few days ago:

Southern Restaurant cookbook

I have blogged before from Dawn’s books she wrote about restaurants in Georgia and Virginia and I was very excited to see her cookbook for South Carolina.  Of course, she included many recipes from restaurants in Charleston including Poogan’s Porch.  We have eaten there and it is such a homey pleasant place right in the heart of downtown Charleston.  The recipes I am sharing with you today includes one for a crabmeat spread. That seemed very appropriate for me as I was adventurous enough to try my first crab cakes at Poogan’s and loved them.  The second recipe is for a peppermint pattie cocktail and I will have to try that the next time I dine at Poogan’s because I love peppermint. Below is a picture of the restaurant and Poogan was a neighborhood dog that stayed behind when it’s owners moved away.  He was the official greeter and mascot of the house and in honor of his death by natural causes, the restaurant was named after him.

poogan's porch

Here is a link to the Poogan’s Porch website: and the recipes:

poogan's porch recipes 2

I hope you have an opportunity to visit this special restaurant in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC very soon.  I would never be able to visit all of the wonderful places in the South that have such wonderful food. I am thankful for this blog so that you and I can explore these wonderful Southern places together.  Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. Yum. I think I gained two pounds reading the recipes. I’ve never been to Charleston – one more reason to go!

  2. I love restaurants with funky names………….This one sounds delightful and we will try it next time we are in Charlestown. Have you ever hear of The Blow Fly Inn ? The put plastic blow flies on your food when they serve it. The food is amazing.


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