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Tipsy or Marinated Carrots


When I wrote the post for Monday about my door wreath inspired by my visit to Charleston, SC, I started scanning through my Charleston cookbook to see if there was a recipe that I would like to share with you.  My Charleston Cookbook is Music, Menus and Magnolias by the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League. The Tipsy Carrot recipe did interest me because it reminds me a lot of the marinated carrots recipe that is so popular with Southern cooks. I am sharing the marinated carrots recipe from our First Methodist Church Cookbook here in Conover.

marinated carrots

My family had a strong Baptist background when I was growing up and you never even mentioned alcohol or any type of alcoholic beverages.  I know many people in the South would say Baptists only drink their alcohol behind closed doors.  As that might have been true for some Baptists, I can honestly say that just didn’t happen in my family.  However, as I browse through cookbooks and see recipes for spiked punch, brandied fruit or even blackberry wine cake, I realize that alcohol has been incorporated in recipes probably since the invention of alcohol and recipes.

Even though alcohol isn’t a favorite of mine, and that might be influenced by my upbringing, I do like to incorporate wine or liqueurs in some of my recipes.  When I was looking up the marinated carrots recipe, I realized how appropriate it is to include a recipe from a friend of mine, Debbie Cashion.  Debbie and her husband Jerry got married on the same day that my husband, Dale and I got married.  So on September 12 we will be celebrating our 43th wedding anniversaries.  How fortunate we are to still be of good health and still be happily married.

Debbie and I are friends but distant friends now.  The other thing I can give her credit for is teaching me to LOVE margaritas.  We went on a girls trip one weekend many years ago and I came home telling my husband how excited I was to go shopping for the first time in a liquor store.

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