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Pork Chops – A Southern Tradition For Sure

Growing up in the South, we played outside almost all the time in the Summer.  Humidity, heat index and ozone levels wasn’t in our vocabularies.  We just knew school was out and it was time to have some fun.  We would play outside late in the afternoon until dusk and I don’t remember daylight savings time ever being mentioned when I was very young.  One thing I do remember is smelling the wonderful foods being prepared for supper.  There is one smell that stays with me to this day and that is fried pork chops.  They stirred hunger pangs and envy of who was going to eat those delicious chops.

Today, I still love Pork Chops and I only buy the bone in chops as they retain some of that wonderful flavor from my childhood.  My husband grills pork chops wonderfully and I sometimes wonder if our neighbors are envying us because of the wonderful smell.  I also cook pork chops in a crock pot.  If I am in a rush and need something really good for our evening meal, they make a great no-fuss dish.

As I was browsing through my Crockpot Cookbook the other day I saw this recipe and I have made pork chops in the crockpot on occasion but never added the vegetables.  I thought this would be a great dish for a busy day.

crockpot pork chops

We have a George Foreman grill that we prepare pork chops on when the weather is too cold to grill.  Any way that you prepare them, pork chops are good and a tradition used by Southern cooks for a long time.  Happy Friday Everyone

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