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Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Salad – YUM!

bees and salad 010

If you read my post on Monday, you can see that I am looking for inspiration to prepare some new dishes.  I was browsing through my Good Housekeeping magazine and saw a recipe for BLT Salad.  It looked delicious and I decided to make my own version.  We had it for our evening meal yesterday (dinner or supper as it is still called in the South).  The Good Housekeeping recipe include grilled bread slices but I omitted them from my version as this eliminates carbs for my diabetic husband.

First, I washed approximately one quarter head of regular lettuce, drained and tore it into pieces and placed it on the bottom of the two chilled salad plate.  (A chilled salad plate seems so special in the hot summertime.)

Second, I peeled and sliced two fresh tomatoes, cut them in half and removed the core.  Then I sliced them and placed them on top of the lettuce.

Third  my husband fried a 12 ounce package of bacon on our griddle.  I crumbled approximately 6 slices of bacon over the lettuce and tomato.

I topped the salad with Salad Sprinkles, Croutons and a small amount of blue cheese.  I served it with a bottled ranch dressing.

bees and salad 009

We ate it with wheat crackers and it was a wonderful summer meal.  Now, you might ask, will this replace bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches at our house?  Absolutely Not!!!  And remember in the South, we use Duke’s Mayonnaise on that white sandwich bread!

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  1. That is certainly a great looking meal. I’m looking forward to when our tomatoes are ripe. There is nothing better than the flavors of bacon and tomatoes combined.

  2. sugarbeechronicles

    This is a great idea. I’m definately going to try this version of a BLT, and with these hot-, humid days in the the Florida panhandle…..Ah……I can taste it now! ~Susan xx

  3. I love BLT salads with fresh blue cheese, then I put on a cracked pepper vinaigrette. Yours looked delicious…..perhaps dinner tonite!

  4. This looks yummy! I think I could even prepare this.


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