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What is more Southern than Fried Green Tomatoes?

I really needed some inspiration for my blog post today.  I wanted to share something that was a Southern tradition and I didn’t have anything to inspire me.  Last summer I would go to yard sales and buy wonderful cookbooks and share Southern recipes. This year I have only purchased one cookbook and it isn’t a Southern publication.  On Saturday afternoon, I realized I have lots of cookbooks on my shelf that I could browse through and be inspired again.  In fact, as I was looking through my cookbooks, my husband walked through the room and told me he loved to see me read cookbooks because that meant he was going to have something new and delicious to eat.

As summertime renews my yearning for the sea, I revisited my cookbook from Beaufort, North Carolina entitled, “Let Us Keep The Feast in Historic Beaufort, by St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  I saw the recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes and realized that is truly a Southern tradition.  I can imagine that in the South years ago there would be green tomatoes on the vines that would not ripen before the frost.  I also believe the women of that time were probably very resourceful so they either pickled them or fried them.  Is there a better option in the South than frying? We may be known for our frying abilities in the South but a really skilled cook will prepare fried food that will not be greasy.

Josh’s Restaurant in Hickory, NC makes the most wonderful fried green tomatoes.  He serves his tomatoes with a remoulade sauce and they are so tasty.  This recipe seems very similar to his.

fried green tomatoes

Now, I am truly inspired and I will be looking for those green tomatoes at the Farmers Market for sure.  Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. We eat Fried Green Tomatoes many times throughout the Summer and Fall and the garden allows. Unfortunately, this year tomatoes have failed here.

    • So sorry that you aren’t enjoying fresh tomatoes. The rain has effected ours but we do have some available. They are pricey but I think they are worth it. I hear gardeners here talking about their fall crop of tomatoes. Would that work in your part of Texas?


  2. Another one of my favorites! I adore them! (let’s face it, there aren’t too many Southern foods I don’t adore!) the problem out here is actually finding GREEN tomatoes! Ohhhh I need to find some and fry some, and maybe even pickle some!!! yummmy!

  3. Unfortunately, I think a lot of my tomatoes won’t ripen before the first frost here in Maine. Your recipe is a nice way of using some of them. I think fried green tomatoes and fried okra are two dishes often associated with the south. :)


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