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Caramelized Steak Skewers – A Different Way to Grill A Steak

The rain has left North Carolina and now we are having a heat wave.  I am determined to not complain about the heat because we had so much rain.  I started thinking of recipes I love to prepare on the grill and the one I am sharing with you came to mind.

A few years ago, I subscribed to the Food and Family magazine from Kraft Foods.  I loved the magazine and I was always confident that anything I made would turn out great.  A few years ago I quit subscribing to the magazine when Kraft started charging a subscription fee.  The recipe for the Beef Skewers is from that magazine and I love them because they are easy to make and offer an alternative way of preparing steak on the grill.

Being a Southern girl, I love the barbecue flavor of the skewers but the flavor is totally different from the Southern version of barbecue.

caramelized steak

This is a real favorite in our household for special occasions and what is more special than a beautiful day of blue sky and sunshine after experiencing over seven inches of rain this month?  I hope you are experiencing beautiful summer days too!

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