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Good Old Fashioned Lemonade

I remember my Mother making lemonade a few times when I was young.  She always put it in a pretty glass pitcher and I think I loved the prettiness of it as much as I loved the lemonade.  There isn’t anything to compare to it.  I purchased lemons and put them in my fridge several days ago.   I would open the crisper and see them and make a mental note  that I would make lemonade when the weather warmed up and it quit raining so much here in North Carolina.

On Sunday Morning when I got up, it was pouring rain and I again saw the lemons in the fridge.  I decided I needed to make the lemonade now as I question when it will be hot and stop raining so much.  This is how I made it:

Homemade Lemonadelemonade 043

Juice from 6 lemons ( I had 3/4 cup of lemon juice)

4 cups of water

3/4 cup of sugar or an equivalent amount of artificial sweetener  ( Sweetened to taste)

I squeezed the lemons and strained the juice to remove the seeds. I put into a pitcher and added water and I used artificial sweetener instead of sugar.

This made one quart of lemonade.

I like my lemonade just a little tart and not super sweet so it really is a personal preference as far as the amount of sweetener you want to use. I have been guilty of using the powdered drink mix in the past to make lemonade and I understand the ease and speed of doing that.  However, during the summer months, I do plan to make homemade lemonade again

After I made the lemonade, the sun started shining and it was a beautiful afternoon.  So maybe that is what the saying means, “when life gives you lemons, made lemonade.  Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. Hope the sun comes out soon…we finally had sunshine for the last two days.

  2. Sunshine……………honey, it has been over 100 everyday here……….I would love to give you some sunshine in exchange for some rain!

  3. Ohhh I almost have forgotten what rain is living in Arizona!!! But homemade lemonade sounds so good! I remember my grandmother having a really pretty crystal pitcher she used for lemonade and sweet tea!

    • So it must be a Southern thing because I loved the pitcher that lemonade was served in. It was a pretty glass pitcher and I love collecting pretty glassware. Even though, as strange as it may seem, we never drank ice tea at my house!



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