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Grits – Girls Raised In The South?

There is a popular tee shirt I have seen available in the South.  It reads, GRITS, Girls Raised In The South.  I always thought that was very clever and believe me I have eaten my share of grits.  My Daddy made the creamiest grits ever and he said he used grits, water and salt.  The one think I do remember is that he stirred them a lot and maybe that was the trick that made them so good.  In fact, when I was small and would get sick, my get well meal was always my Daddy’s’ grits.

Now I am going to confess that I do not eat grits much anymore.  I am a breakfast cereal person and I think that comes from rushing out the door to work when I was working full time.  Last week I realized I had lots of items in my pantry, spice rack and refrigerator that had expired as far as their usefulness according to their expiration dates.  I was totally shocked when I saw that my box of instant grits had expired in 2011.  Really?  That does prove that we don’t eat them very often.

Thinking of all the above, I started looking through my recipe books for grits recipes and discovered this one and it sounds good.  It is from the cookbook, “Come to the Table.”  It is a collection of recipes from the congregation of the Duke University Chapel in Durham NC.

cheesy grits

There are many discussions in the South of the best types of grits to use to prepare tasty grits.  My Daddy used quick cook grits, some people use stone ground grits and some people use the instant grits in the individual serving envelopes.  I don’t think it really matters which type you use if you get your combination of water, salt and grits in the correct proportion. As a GRITS  (Girl Raised In The South) person, I will say they should be creamy and not watery and they should never be lumpy.  They must be seasoned generously with salt and you need to use lots of butter or margarine to season them when they are being served.

Now, I think I have a craving for grits, a true southern tradition.

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  1. Having grown up thinking that the perfect breakfast included grits, I love them no matter the time of day or at which meal they are being served. I have to say that one of my favorite dishes is shrimp and grits. I usually use quick grits as stone ground are hard to find in New England but I don’t care for instant grits…the texture is too soft for me.

  2. I love Grits!!!! Oh heck, I love Southern food!!! Two things about the cooking in the South, Grits, and White Lilly Flour!


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