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Blueberry Ice Cream

One great thing about living in North Carolina in July is the abundance of fresh blueberries that are available.  I purchased my first ones at the Farmers Market on Wednesday.

bread and blueberries 006

Today, I am sharing a recipe from the Southern Foods website that I found a couple of years ago. My husband wanted blueberry ice cream for his Father’s Day dessert and it isn’t a dish that is common here in the foothills of North Carolina.  I was happy to find the recipe by Diana Rattray  and the ice cream was extremely creamy and good.  Yes, it does take some time to prepare the ice cream but it is worth the effort.

blueberry ice cream blueberry ice cream 2

I agree with the comments that Diana made concerning the recipe and the only adjustment I made was to use the Splenda equivalent for the sugar.   I do recommend the Southern Foods website if you are seeking a specific Southern recipe.  Below is the link to the above recipe on the Southern Foods website.

I hope you are continuing to enjoy your Fourth Of July Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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