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An Old Fashioned Fruit Salad – Great For A Fourth Of July Picnic

I usually post on my blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday as far as cooking and recipes are concerned.  But because of the July 4th holiday I am posting on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

My July 4th plans include going to a friends house for a cookout or you may call it a barbecue.  I volunteered to bring cole slaw and a fruit salad.  I haven’t made a fruit salad in a long time and I started to think of fruit salads that I have really enjoyed in the past.  I remembered that in the early 80’s all the rage was a fruit salad in a carved watermelon bowl. I remember so many weddings I attended in the 80’s that had this salad as part of their reception. When I prepared this, my husband worked very hard to carve the bowl for me as he knows I can injury myself very easily with a sharp knife.  I started searching for the recipe and finally found it in a Pillsbury brochure published in 1981.

watermelon book

As you can tell by the front cover of the book, this was a yard sale find.  Below is a picture of the carved melon with the fruit salad.  The line in the middle of the photograph is the crease in the middle of the book.  I wanted you to see how festive this looks.


Below is the recipe for the fruit salad along with instructions on how to carve the melon.  The recipe is for 16 one half cup servings and carved melons will hold between one and one half gallons of fruit.  I don’t need that much fruit for my 4th of July picnic so I have decided to prepare the fruit and instead of putting it in the melon, I will use one of my large decorative glass bowls.  I can’t think of anything prettier than fruit in a clear glass bowl.

watermelon fruit salad

As the recipe states, if you use bananas, apples and peaches they should be sprinkled with orange or lemon juice to prevent discoloration.  This recipe certainly brought back many happy memories I have of celebrating the 4th of July in the South.  Happy July Everyone!

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