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Southern Style Macaroni and Cheese

So much has been said about Paula Deen and I expressed my thoughts concerning the situation on Monday.  I started thinking about my favorite Paula Deen recipes and today I am sharing my very favorite and that is her Macaroni and Cheese.  Here is the recipe and I have made it many times and it is absolutely delicious. The comments in italics are Paula’s.

Paula Deen's Mac & ChezThis recipe is from one of Paula’s older cookbooks, Paula Deen Celebrates and it is the old home style c,omforting, macaroni and cheese that I remember from growing up.  Sometimes it is just good to take a deep breath and go back to your roots. The truth is we have all made mistakes and the truth is we have all felt sorry for something we have said or done.  It is time to learn from our experiences and move on.  This would be a great dish to share with your family and friends for a Fourth of July celebration.

Happy Friday Everyone.

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  1. This sounds great, it is a really wonderful old recipe. Today’s boxed mac&chz will never compare with this!!


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