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An Anniversary – Three Years Really?


As I get older, I sometimes think the world is flying by at full throttle and I am going along at a snail’s pace.  Yesterday was the third anniversary of my first post on this blog.  I planned to write my anniversary post when I arrived home from work yesterday evening and post it last night.  However, other plans were made for me as we had a very violent thunderstorm and lost power. Today, I am writing my anniversary post and reflecting on the last three years.  I went back to my first post and read it.  Here is the link, if you would like to read it:


I have remained true to my first goal of this blog and it was to share Southern places, traditions and recipes.  I know that I have gone more towards recipes but the food of the South is a huge part of the Southern tradition.  I have tried to incorporate pictures of places I visit in the South with recipes that are very popular in that area of the South.  My cookbook collection has grown tremendously because of this blog and I look forward to my yard sales every Saturday to see if there is a certain treasure I will uncover.

2012-09-12 10.00.37-2

I want to thank all of my subscribers and all of the wonderful people that have left comments on my blog.  At one time, my main purpose in the morning was to check my e-mail to see who had left a comment or read my blog.  However, now I also check my e-mail to see what my fellow bloggers I subscribe to have posted.  I love keeping up with your blogs too and I have learned so much from so many of you.

IMG_4359 (2)

My future goals for this blog is more of the same with new material to share.  My blog is not a food and recipe blog that exposes my cooking talents but a sharing of recipes that are so much a part of the South.  I want people to realize that we don’t use the same cooking methods that were used by our Mothers and Grandmothers.  I want to share places in the South and give you a view of some of the wonderful experiences you can have in this place where I live.

charleston and sweetgrass baskets 029

It seems appropriate today, the first day of my 4th anniversary year of my blog, to say thank you to everyone and let you know I am always open to comments you may have about my blog.

2013-05-11 11.57.36

Yesterday, on thankfulness Thursday, I said I was thankful for Southern places, Southern faces and Southern souls and I can close with that thought as it sums up my feelings completely.

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  1. Sugar Bee Chronicles

    I really, really looking forward to your future blog posts, as I have enjoyed your past ones. Being new to living in the South, you’ve helped me grasp a better understanding of culinary delights, et cetera! ~Susan ;-)

  2. Congratulations! Interesting to hear about why you started your blog. Mine was started as a place to put our travel pictures for friends to view. Never did I think that others may want to see them or hear the stories.


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