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Mayberry RFD – Let’s Have Some Pickles

Last Saturday, we visited Mt. Airy, North Carolina.  It was the hometown of Andy Griffith of the Andy Griffith Show that was very popular in the 60’s in the US.  I have never been a big fan of the show but my Mother loved it.  As far as I can remember, the show was always in black and white and it depicted a sheriff, Andy Taylor, played by Andy Griffith.  He lived in a small town and was raising his son, Opie with the help of his Aunt Bee. Of course he had a famous deputy played by Don Knotts.  The show was a 3o minute show and usually had some type of moral to the story.  However, getting to the moral usually involved some humorous events involving humorous characters. Many people believe that Andy Griffith was thinking of his hometown when the town of Mayberry was created in the television show.  This is a picture of downtown Mt. Airy and it reminds me so much of my hometown of Rockingham, NC when I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.

andy griffith  Dianne 027

The picture below is of a replica of Sheriff Taylor’s Desk.  Many scenes in the series took place in Sheriff Taylor’s office in downtown Mayberry.

andy griffith  Dianne 023The picture below is of the jail that didn’t really house that many criminals or bad guys.  The town lush, Otis would come to the cell and retrieve the key from beside the cell and unlock and go inside when he had too much to drink.

andy griffith  Dianne 019

If you ever visit Mt. Airy, I would recommend going to Wally’s Service Station and take the Mayberry Squad Car tour.  That is the first thing we did and it was a lot of fun and the driver was very knowledgeable about Andy Griffith, the town and the TV series.  I think my highlight of the tour was riding in that old car and it really brought back memories of my childhood.

andy griffith  Dianne 013

The picture below is another picture of downtown Mt. Airy and we ate at the Bluebird Diner.  It has the normal sandwich type assortment and is mentioned in the TV series.  They are known for their pork chop sandwich and that is what my husband ate and he said it was delicious.

andy griffith  Dianne 029

After visiting Mt. Airy, we drove a few miles and visited Pilot Mountain that is a very small town with a state park at the mountain itself.  Andy would mention Mt. Pilot on the show and you would think it was some huge place but it really isn’t.  There are beautiful views from the top of the mountain and you can drive or hike to the top of it.

andy griffith  Dianne 039

As I was considering this post, I wanted to include a recipe.  There were cookbooks available in Mt. Airy but they seemed to be a lot like my collection of local church cookbooks.  I started thinking about the Andy Griffith show to see if there was anything I could relate to this post and I remembered Aunt Bee’s Kerosene Pickles.  In the episode Aunt Bee makes pickles and they taste awful so no one wants to tell her they are bad and so that inspires her to continue to make more and more of them until the truth is revealed.  I think the morale of that episode would be, “Don’t lie to a cook because it will only get worse.”

Here in North Carolina, cucumbers are ready to harvest so I went to my local cookbooks and found a couple of recipes to share with you.  The first one is for icicle pickles and they have to be my favorite.  The pickles are translucent and crisp and sometimes people will add a little heat to them but not too much.  The second recipe is for sweet pickles and they are so good when they are made from scratch.

icicle picklesThe recipes are from St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Cookbook, Conover, NC.

I hope you are able to visit Mt. Airy one day, especially if you are an Andy Griffith fan.  It is such a wonderful experience to step back in time and remember when life just didn’t seem to be so complicated!

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  1. Visited there several years ago. Reminds me of my home towns, Robersonville and Williamston, NC. :)

  2. I loved the Andy Griffith Show and you took me back to it. Boy Mt. Airy took me back in time also!

  3. I enjoyed the pictures!!! I also enjoyed the AG show. My favorite episode is the one where Barney is in the office with the goat that he thinks has eaten dynamite!!!! A hoot!


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