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Let’s End The Strawberry Season With A Strawberry Mousse

IMG_0501 A normal strawberry season in North Carolina begins around the first of May and ends around Memorial Day.  This year because of the rain and cooler weather we did not really have that many fresh strawberries until towards the end of May and I do believe most of them are gone.  It is still raining in North Carolina and it is even raining as I write this post.  I want a warm sunny June day with not one cloud in the sky. I keep thinking what is so rare as a day in June when it doesn’t rain a drop.


I had a few strawberries that needed to be used right away and I remembered the recipe I am sharing with you today.  It is a lighter recipe and is a very thick and creamy Strawberry Mousse. It is a good one for my diabetic husband as there is no sugar in the recipe and it doesn’t have any kind of crust.  I have subscribed to the Live Better America website in the past and they would send me a calendar each year with great recipes and I think this is a recipe I saved. Here is a link to the website

strawberry mousseThe recipe is very easy to make and the flavor is more tart than sweet.  The serving size is stated as 10 small dishes but I divided mine into six dishes.  I wanted to use the wine glasses I had purchased recently at a yard sale.

I hope you are having a Sunny Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Strawberry season is just starting here! Love the use of them for a mousse.

  2. This looks yummy! The strawberries were wonderful in southeastern NC this year. We made three trips out to the strawberry farm. They became my go to snack. Now they are gone and I guess we will move on to blueberries. On another note, I have been wanting to make bread since you posted the bread making information.


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