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Ham Rolls – Now and Later

Last week I posted about my go-to appetizers for this busy time of year.  While I was looking at my recipes, I came across the one I am sharing with you today.  This past Saturday I needed a snack for mid-afternoon that would be filling as we were going to Tanglewood Park in Winston-Salem to see the Festival of Lights.  I chose this recipe as I have made these rolls many times and people will just rave about them.  I think it is so good and the flavors blend together so amazingly.

This recipe is in my Hickory Woman’s Club Holiday Cookbook.  I have used this cookbook over the years many times because it has great ideas for Christmas and other holidays throughout the year.  The sauce for these rolls is such a wonderful blend of flavors and I have used minced onion instead of fresh onion for my family as sometimes the fresh onion can be too strong and overpowering.  When I first started making these rolls, I used the Pepperidge Farm party rolls but they are not available in my area now.  I used croissants this time and I think they worked well.  I prepared 24 rolls and baked twelve for our family on Saturday.  I froze the other 12 rolls for another occasion later.  It is best to completely thaw the rolls and then bake them according to directions.

ham rolls

Happy Monday Everyone!

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