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A Charleston Cookbook – Shrimp and Grits – She Crab Soup

This is the third cookbook that I purchased last weekend at a yard sale.  I love Charleston South Carolina and I have visited that beautiful city many times.  When I think of Charleston I think of Shrimp or Crab.  That is kind of funny as I am not really a seafood person but that is usually what my husband eats when we visit the low-country.  As I browsed through the cookbook, I decided to share their recipes for the Shrimp and Grits and the She Crab Soup.

This cookbook is so pretty and it has pictures of the city included in the book.  The steeple in the picture is of St. Michaels Catholic Church in downtown Charleston.  When I see the steeple, I know we have arrived.

The following recipe is for the Shrimp and Grits.  Even though I don’t like Shrimp, I believe I could prepare this dish and just eat the grits and cheese and be a very happy Southern girl.

shrimp and grits

My husband read over these recipes I have selected for this post and said they made his mouth water.  So I think that is a hint that I might plan on preparing one of them soon. I am developing a taste for crab meat so we both would enjoy the soup for sure.

she crab soup

I am so pleased to have a cookbooks from Beaufort, NC,  Winston-Salem, NC and Charleston SC in my collection and I plan to use them a lot.

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  1. How marvelous!!! I LOVE She Crab Soup with a splash of sheery in it and you cannot find it made any better than in Charleston, in fact that is the first place I ever tasted it. I just wrote a Shrimp and Grits recipe for one of the kitchens at work and used a creole sauce on the Shrimp. The crowd went wild. People in the Emerald City are not so familiar with Shrimp and Grits………..think I woke up their culinary imagination a bit. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Charlestown …………………oh yes and her my eccentric cousin Savannah too!

    • So glad you are spreading the love for Shrimp and Grits. I love Charleston and Savannah too and I think you are right in your description of the two wonderful cities. They definitely have their differences. I always think of Charleston as being sophisticated and Savannah as being just a little bawdy.


  2. What a nice cookbook…yard sales are great for finding some good ones.


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