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Bethabara Cookbook – Historic and Interesting

Last Saturday at a yard sale, I purchased the Bethabara Moravian Church cookbook that was published in 1976.  I purchased two other cookbooks at the same time including the one in my post for last Wednesday for Beaufort, NC.  However, this book just fascinates me and I have been browsing through it all week.

Bethabara is considered “Old Town” in Winston Salem NC.  It originates from the first settlement of Moravians in the United States in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  A group of the first settlers in Pennsylvania traveled to North Carolina and established the village of Bethabara in 1753.  The people are of a German heritage and Old Salem that I have mentioned before is a historic site also located in Winston-Salem that is representative of the first Moravian settlers.

As I read these recipes, I saw images of my visits to the Winston Salem area.  I am sharing two of the traditional Moravian recipes with you today from the book.

First, Moravian Sugar Cake that is synonomous with my Winston-Salem visits.  It is such a delicate sweet dessert and so different from any cake I have ever tasted. I will say it is sweet because of the use of the sugar.

moravian sugar cake

Recipe Part II

moravian sugar cake2

The next recipe I am sharing with you is for the Moravian Love Feast Buns.  Every year at Christmas the Moravian churches have a love feast to celebrate the birth of Christ.  They serve coffee that is really a mixture of coffee and milk and the Love Feast Buns.

lovefeast buns


All in all, I am so thrilled about finding this cookbook and I think it will remain one of my favorites for a long time.  Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. I have this VERY cookbook! Making that Sugar Cake right now! Sadly my book has been well used and is quite tattered! Have you a source for another copy?


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