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Hilton Head Island – On My Mind

I wanted to jump right back into my blog posts when I returned from vacation.  I learned two things on this vacation.  First, have something in the freezer to prepare for that evening meal when you return from vacation.  Second, prepare a couple of blog posts before you leave for vacation to use when you return from vacation.  Today, I am sharing pictures from my vacation with a promise to return to my blog posts later in the week.

I do have some dining experiences from my vacation that inspire me for blog posts in the future.  There is a special place in my Southern heart for Hilton Head as that is where I first experienced so many new and different types of food.  Last week we ate Italian, Mexican, Greek and American Cuisine that was exceptional and had all of those wonderful layers of flavor that make them so special.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed my vacation.

2012-09-14 18.19.55-4

2012-09-14 14.33.19-2

2012-09-12 10.07.54-6

2012-09-12 09.55.25-3

2012-09-11 09.50.14-12

2012-09-11 09.39.56-1

2012-09-10 19.35.25-3

2012-09-10 18.53.16-6

2012-09-10 11.06.18-4

2012-09-10 10.22.44-1

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  1. I just love the performances at the Arts Center of Costal Carolina! What a great place for live theatre.


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